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Cinnamon Hall in Belize Spice Farm and Botanical Gardens a Special place for Wedding Reception or any Social Event.

What makes our facility unique?

Surrounded by spices, ornamental & aquatic plants, and fruit trees, our Cinnamon Hall is a jewel in South Belize for any special event and stands out from the ordinary by an abundance of natural beauty. We are in Golden Stream Village in South Belize on Southern Hwy.  Maya community has made Golden Stream Village their home. There are no tall buildings or beach in Golden Stream Village.  Nature has blessed us with roaring rivers, whispering streams, swaying hardwood trees and the intoxicating fragrance of tropical flowers.

The silence in our farm is broken only by the songs of parrots, parakeets and tiger heron (who like to imitate the voice of the Jaguar) or a shrill cry of a disappointed hawk.

Cinnamon Hall is constructed of teak, grown in our farm (planted 20 years ago) and has the capacity of about 100 people. The ceiling is made of handcrafted teak tiles; Floor is made of teak with rosewood inlay. The scone lights decorating the wall are handmade with the shell of calabash fruit (fruit tree in Central America) with pictures of Belizean wild animals engraved on them.

The view from Cinnamon Hall is exquisite. The flowering arches on the Lotus Road are very inviting for any guest visiting our farm and a great location for wedding photographers. The arches, 32 of them are adorned with pendulous flowers like Mucuna, Green Jade, and thumberghia. The road is ideally suited for a wedding procession. A horse-drawn carriage may be available in the near future for the bride and groom. Wedding procession under the arches beside the Lotus Canal full of lotus flowers may be ideal for drone photography. The combination of flowering arches (over the Lotus Road), Lotus Canal (besides the Lotus Road), studded with beautiful multi-colored lotus and water lily and rows of bougainvillea make the view heavenly and will make your wedding unforgettable and unique.


Cinnamon Hall can accommodate about 100 or more people.

Rent for Cinnamon Hall is BZ $200/hour (minimum 3 hours), BZ $800/day (10 AM to 6 PM) or BZ $900/day (2 PM to 10 PM).

Since every social event is different, pricing also will be different. We believe our facility is so beautiful and unique it should be made available to everybody irrespective of their budget.

Cardamom Hall (Our 2nd conference room) can accommodate about 20 people – the perfect place for a private seminar in a secluded setting.

Rent for Cardamom Hall is BZ $100/hour (minimum 3 hours) or BZ $500/day (10 AM to 6 PM) and BZ $600/day (2 PM to 10 PM).

Resorts in the area have agreed to a discounted rate for accommodation.

Please contact us for details.

Please call 501 670 1338 or email us at [email protected] for info and to make the reservation.

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