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Set Out on an Avian Expedition

Since the inception of our Spice Farm and Botanical Garden, we have noticed a steady increase of bird population to our area. Many feathered friends have made Belize Spice Farm and Botanical Gardens their permanent home. The flowers and fruits of many of our trees are delicacies for birds. Our fruit trees like lychee and rambutan are magnets for birds in the area. Bird watching experts who visited us, have described our farm as a gem waiting to be discovered.

Parrots – You can find one of the visually captivating birds, parrots in different colors in our farm. The best place to look for them is near the 100yrs old Mahogany trees where these birds are seen resting on their branches and eating seeds. During fruiting season mahogany trees are a favorite of redhead parrots.

Parakeets – The teak seeds are a favorite of parakeets. Catch glimpses of these colorful birds flocking together in our farm in search of teak seeds.

Yellowtail – A beautiful bird about the size of a chicken with a yellow beak, tail, and claws is found on our farm and is usually seen eating erythrina flowers. Bright orange erythrina flowers and pink Madre cacao flowers are the favorite snacks for yellowtail and parakeets.

Hawks – One of the natural world’s elegant phenomena is to watch a hawk in flight. You can get to watch this bird-of-prey patrolling open areas for a potential prey.

Humming Birds – Different varieties of these nectar sipping birds can be found hanging around the flowering plants in our farm, looking for a snack. You are sure to be amazed at the sight of these flying jewels.

Toucan – You will be amazed at the sight of the extraordinarily large beaked toucans, seen most often on the trees near water.

Chachalaca – About the same size as that of a chicken or turkey, brownish olive chachalaca birds which prefer spending time in the trees can be found hiding under the palm leaves, only to show up at dawn and dusk.

If you are a novice bird watcher, an expert or a nature lover, Belize Spice Farm and Botanical garden will give you ample opportunity to see and photograph the beautiful birds of Belize. Morning may be the best time for this specialty tour. A guide will accompany you during the tour. We realize, to see these pretty creatures you may have to go off the beaten path. But it is important to remember the ground on the farm is uneven, often rocky and we are surrounded by jungle.  Your guide will help you stay safe and your tour enjoyable.

Tour Details

Visitors from foreign countries US $25  | Belizeans BZ $30  |  Children below the age of 10 half price

You are welcome to visit our Cinnamon Hall during breaks or at the end of the tour for refreshments or souvenir shopping.

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