Belize Spice Farm offers tours every day from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Guests will have options for a walking tour with a guide or traveling by golf cart or by tractor-pulled trailers. The self-guided tour will be available soon.

Spice farm Restaurant serves breakfast and lunch. Our dining room in Cinnamon hall is surrounded by beautiful orchards, flowering plants, and water lilies and lotus. Our guests love to stroll in the paved lotus road with arches, studded with pendulous flowers.

Participants in seminars or social events are welcome to sign up for a tour during the event for 50 % of the normal charge.



Charming and rustic, our Cinnamon Hall is a perfect venue for your wedding. The Cinnamon Hall is located in the midst of a spice farm and orchards making it a dream venue for hosting your ultimate wedding celebration. The venue is flanked by flowering arches making it picturesque and perfect for wedding pictures.

The beauty of the hall is further enhanced by the teak décor that adds an extra charisma to your wedding. The road leading up to the Cinnamon Hall is flanked by flowering arches and passes through Lotus Canal studded with beautiful multi-colored lotuses and water lilies laying out an ideal path for the wedding procession. Belize Spice Farm and Botanical Garden provide the perfect setting to make your wedding unforgettable and unique.




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