Spend a day in Spice Farm


Duration-Any number of hours between 7 30 am to 3 30 pm
Guide– None
Transportation– By walking(self guided) or By tricyle cart and Golf cart .

Areas to visit -All the areas of BS&BG as shown in the map. Guests need to know walking  in the farm involve some risk and require physical Stamina. The guests opting for this tour will be required to sign a waiver . There are designated trails for walking .Guests who select this tour will be able to visit Orchard 1 and Orchard 2 where we have many exotic fruit trees not native to Belize. Coffee Block is one of our beautiful Blocks where Coffee,Cardamom and Cacao grow under cool shade of tall native Hardwood trees like Rosewood,Bully wood and Sapodilla. This is a very beautiful area of BS&BG with natural beauty and can be accessed by walking, Tricycle cart or Golf cart.

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