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  • A dish made of ground meat further enhanced with other ingredients and is made into a loaf shape which is either baked or smoked.

  • One of the popular American dishes that consists of cooked macaroni pasta and cheese sauce and enhanced with other ingredients such as meat, vegetables and bread crumbs.

  • A signature Belize dish which is a stew-like soup with no meat source. It is slowly cooked so that its ingredients such as onions, potatoes, okra and carrots absorb the flavors of black pepper and cilantro. Best served with white rice, corn tortillas and habanero pepper sauce.

  • Tamalitos also called Ducunu is a popular dish in Central America. It is made of corn husks stuffed with mashed corn mixed with coconut milk, sugar, salt and butter.

  • A fish soup made with fried fish, coconut milk, cassava and plantain that resembles Hudut, popular dish of Garifuna culture.

  • A traditional Mexican dish prepared with pork that’s been marinated, wrapped & buried to slow cook and is best served with tortillas.

  • It is the national dish of Belize and a trip to this part of the world isn’t complete until you have tried this dish. It is made by tossing meat into a boiling stock that consists of veggies, eggs, fish and bread dumplings.

  • A beef burger consisting of cooked patty of ground beef and topped with a tangy pickle, ketchup, chopped onions & mustard and seasoned with pepper & a pinch of salt.

  • This sandwich consists of corned beef, sauerket, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing, all grilled between the slices of the rye bread.

  • A desert pie that consists of a pumpkin based custard and flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and powdered ginger.

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