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Belize Spice Farm offers tours every day from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Guests will have options for a walking tour with a guide or traveling by golf cart or by tractor-pulled trailers. The self-guided tour will be available soon.

Spice farm Restaurant serves breakfast and lunch. Our dining room in Cinnamon hall is surrounded by beautiful orchards, flowering plants, and water lilies and lotus. Our guests love to stroll in the paved lotus road with arches, studded with pendulous flowers.

Participants in seminars or social events are welcome to sign up for a tour during the event for 50 % of the normal charge.



Surrounded by Ornamental, aquatic and spice plants BS & BG resemble a movie setting for any Social event. The flowering arches, Lotus canal, and scenic bridge make us a miracle garden where a photographer’s imagination run wild. We are away from big cities but has direct access to the highway. Our Cinnamon hall, with hand crafted Teak Ceiling ,Teak and rosewood floor, hand carved scone lights, along with a Cinnamon Chandelier is a great choice for family reunion, Birthday, graduation and weddings parties. We work with our customers and plan the social event for any budget, large or small. The Mystique and beauty of our facility start with our location -being in the middle of Maya community with Maya villages and Ruins as our only neighbors. Not having the glaring lights, noise and traffic and the pollution that come with it, make us unique and preferred by those who like a stress free, serene, natural setting for their social event. There are many resorts within a distance 1 to 1 ½ hours who are willing to offer group rate for our out of town guests and we can arrange transportation.

Please contact our Social event planner for your next social event. We will make it an exciting experience full of pleasant memories.

For Booking a social event please call 501 670 1338 or 501 670 4906, WhatsApp number +501670 6004 or +501 670 4906. You may also contact us by email [email protected]




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