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The aroma and the distinct flavor of spices have attracted humans from ancient time. After thousands of years, spices have become an integral part of culinary cooking.

Tour is specially designed for those who like to cook with spices and those who want to learn about it or just curious to see the plants that produce the spices used in everyday cooking.

Guests are received in Cinnamon Hall. Short introductory talk is given by your tour guide about the history of spice and history of our farm and use of Spice as a flavoring agent in food. Tour starts after a break. Guest may choose to walk or ride in the comfort of a tractor-pulled trailer or a golf cart.

Walking/riding to spice blocks, seeing spice plants, products of which are seen by many only in the supermarkets is a learning and enjoyable experience. The aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and allspice that fill the air in each block will be a very pleasing and memorable experience. A knowledgeable guide will explain the horticulture practice of spice plants, the source of spices from different spice plants and processing/curing of spices before they are marketed. Guests have the opportunity for “hands-on” experience to collect and process the spice in season.

Break at Lotus Bridge where your guide may answer additional questions you may have.

After the break, your guide will accompany you back to the Cardamom Hall where our chef will demonstrate cooking with spices from our farm while you enjoy a glass of complimentary fruit juice. The chef will offer the food for tasting. Your guide will explain the process of extracting cinnamon collected during the tour. Those who like the hands-on experience may take part in the extraction.

Tour Details

Some guests may find walking through the farm over uneven terrain difficult.

Food allergies are common and those who have them may want to exercise caution or refrain from the food cooked during the demonstration.

Cost of tour – US $25

Belizeans – BZ $30.00

Half price for Children less than 10 years old.

Enjoy our unique and very popular tour

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